To transform your space...


The customized interior design package is ideal when you want professional help to create your dream space. We begin with a free consultation meeting where we discuss your unique style and needs.

After the initial consultation, you’ll receive a custom proposal that includes a recap of your needs, design inspiration, next steps and a suggested number of hours for your project. Once the proposal has been agreed on, I will guide you through the entire design process: floor plans, furniture selection, product ordering, installation and styling.

The interior design package will be personalized to your needs, but generally includes:

- free consultation meeting (always provided)
- measurements taken on site
- mood board for design direction
- possible new floor plans and furniture layouts
- second meeting to discuss the design plan
- product list and buying directory

The customized package can also include 2D elevations and 3D images on request, priced by the hour.  

Price: €65/h incl. VAT


For help with something specific...



Work with a designer for a few hours on small projects. This can be anything from sourcing particular pieces for your home, creating a new floor plan or rearranging your furniture, picking paint colors or building a gallery wall. After a short talk about your needs, you will receive a suggested number of hours for your small project.

Price: Flat fee €150 incl. VAT for 2h
additional hours €65/h incl. VAT


For some fresh ideas...



A design consultation is the ideal choice, when you already have a vision for your space, but need a little push in the right direction. We will meet to discuss your style and needs, and you will receive professional recommendations that will help you achieve your desired aesthetic.

The design consultation includes:
- free consultation meeting
- new suggested floor plan
- mood board
- color and material scheme

The design consultations have flat rate fees. The price depends on the size of the spaces included in the consultation.

80m2 or less = €250 incl. VAT
Over 80m2 = €280 incl VAT


For staging your home for sale...



With the home styling package I will help you with pre-sale home preparation. I will suggest what to hide and what to display, and can bring in props where needed. Your home will look inviting and aesthetically pleasing before being shot and going on the market. After a short talk about your space you will receive a suggested number of hours for your home styling.

65€/h incl VAT, min 4h. 


For a complete transformation...



I have a passion for transforming run-down spaces into smart, accessible and personal homes fit for the way we live now. The renovation package is ideal when you’re in need of bigger transformations (especially kitchen, bathroom and tearing down walls). We will meet to discuss your specific needs, budget, inspiration and time table. We will also schedule an on-site meeting with a fitting contractor/expert to establish any prospective constructional or other relevant issues. Two offers will be provided - one from myself and one from the relevant renovation team.

The renovation package includes:
- free consultation meeting
- free consultation meeting with renovators
- mood board and style direction
- material and color sampling
- floor plan
- elevations for relevant spaces
- product list and buying directory
- project management

Price as per offer


For the lovely out-of-towners...



E-design is a simple way to transform your space with designer's know-how no matter where you're based! Each e-design is individualized and tailored to fit your personal style, budget and space.



E-mail us pictures and measurements of the room(s) you would like to decorate. You will receive a design questionnaire, where we ask you questions to better understand your taste, needs and resources. Once we establish the budget and design direction, we will create a design plan consisting of the following files:

Room concept board: A room concept board will allow you to see all components in the room come together (furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories).

Floor plan: A floor plan that includes a detailed furniture layout plan to scale will help you find the right place for each component on the concept board. 

Shopping list: A through and organized shopping list will include each item on your room concept board, with clickable links to the recommended items.